The scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of Ccm consists of ten experts, of which five are appointed by the Minister of health or by the delegated Undersecretary and five are appointed by the Health Councillors of the Regional Governments and by the general health prevention Manager /operational Manager of Ccm.

Its task is to express opinions about the proposal for the annual activity programme of Ccm, examine and approve the projects drafted by the operation manager for the annual activity programme implementation, by assessing: quality of contents and methods chosen, consistency with the approved guidelines and appropriateness of the proposed financial plans.

If necessary, the scientific Committee may avail itself of project Subcommittees established by a decree of the Ministry of health or by the delegated Undersecretary, following a proposal by the operational Manager of Ccm.

These are the current scientific Committee members, reinstated by the MDCr of 30 December 2010 (pdf 160 kb):

  • Silvio Garattini
  • Gabriele Finco
  • Daniela D‘Alessandro
  • Saverio Parisi
  • Armando Santoro
  • Claudio Napoli
  • Giuseppe Noto
  • Lucia Di Furia
  • Cinzia Annatea Germinario
  • Antonio Ferro
  • Fabrizio Oleari.
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