The strategic Committee

The strategic Committee, chaired by the Minister of health, as stipulated by art 10 of MD of 18 September 2008 (pdf 51 kb), consists of representatives of Regional Governments and managers of top-level central health authorities.

Its tasks are: defining the action priorities, adopting annual action programmes, approving the report about the work done by Ccm during the previous year, and setting general guidelines for the dissemination of information and for refresher and training courses.

These are the current members of the strategic Committee, reinstated by the MD of 4 March 2011 (pdf 803 kb):


Minister of health


  • Luca Coletto
  • Daniela Scaramuccia
  • Carlo Lusenti
  • Filippo Palumbo
  • Fabrizio Oleari
  • Romano Marabelli
  • Fabrizio Curcio
  • Enrico Garaci
  • Marco Sartori
  • Giovanni Simonetti
  • Antonio Scala.

The Minister of health, or the delegated Undersecretary may invite the general managers of the Ministry and/or experts on the topic at hand to participate in meetings of the strategic Committee.

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26 luglio 2012