The Ccm projects

Further to the arrangement of adequate reaction to emergencies, and to the institutional task of coordination of the National Prevention Plan, Ccm‘s activities are focused on the implementation of projects in a number of different areas, in collaboration with the Regions and other institutional partners.

Such projects highly bring out Ccm activities and stress the impact on the Prevention Services reality as well as on the other sectors of the national health care system.

The Regions are the main interlocutors as the Ccm projects‘ implementation is concerned. Furthermore, other central institutions, such as the High Health Institute, are the natural partners of the Ccm, due to their long term experience in coordination of prevention projects. Most of the Ccm projects support ongoing institutional activities such as monitoring activities, or documentation and sources enhancement activities, or adequate communication on health key subjects. Finally there are projects that are highly innovative in our Country, like the PASSI monitoring system, which is related to health status and risk behaviors of the Italian population.

All projects are implemented according to clearly defined standards, and provided with clearly identified evaluation criteria, procedures and outputs. Monitoring is realized through quarterly technical and financial reports. Since 2004, 200 agreements in seven different areas were agreed:


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15 aprile 2009