National prevention plan

The central role of Ccm within the Italian public health framework was also acknowledged at an institutional level through the State-Regional Government Agreement of 23 March 2005 (pdf 1,17 Mb), whereby the Centre was put in charge of the National prevention plan (Piano nazionale della prevenzione - Pnp ), which includes activities in the following sectors:

  • cardiovascular risk
  • cardiovascular relapses
  • diabetes complications
  • obesity
  • oncology screenings
  • vaccinations
  • road accidents
  • accidents on the workplace
  • accidents at home.

The Agreements stipulates that the Ccm should provide Regional Governments with technical assistance, assessment and certification of the results obtained. It is an innovative process for the Italian public health sector because it defines and implements a working method for projects which is the same for all Regions, with a view to starting a virtuous circle aimed at achieving uniform health objectives throughout the country.

In the three-year period 2005-2007, Pnp has represented, with its articulated approach and innovative outlook, a concrete opportunity to start effective actions in the area of prevention and to reach common goals. On the one hand, Regional Governments are asked to put to the test their ideas, projects and implementation skills, on the other the ministry of health and Ccm had to rethink their role in order to manage the Plan coordination work, making it successful so that it could become a resource and an investment for the health system.

After the start-up phase, characterised by regional planning, the Pnp will fully involve the whole health system in order to achieve the set objectives. There are several players involved: not only structures and professionals in the area of organisation and planning, but also professionals engaged in diagnostic and treatment activities.

In view of the renewal of the Pnp for the three-year period 2009-2011, during the 2008 extension a review of the Plan‘s objectives and management methods will be conducted.

The 2008 extension

The first three years of the Pnp have been characterised by substantial developments as regards health policies in our country, in response to the increasingly widespread chronic diseases which have now become a real epidemic.

The Pnp has been following the guidelines outlined at European level: from the national plan “Guadagnare salute” (Health gains) (4 May 2007), to the 2007-2009 national screening Plan, from the Agreement on health protection and prevention on the workplace the (Dpcm 17 December 2007), to the numerous Ccm projects in the area of prevention and monitoring. An increasing need is felt for all implemented actions to be developed within solid institutional frameworks, in order to make sure that the various initiatives are consistent and to facilitate starting or stabilising specific initiatives through the necessary standards and financial support. The continuation of the Pnp will have to be based on these concepts.

Therefore 2008, is a transition year for the prevention national Plan, in view of its renewal for the three-year period 2009-2011: the objective of Ccm, shared by Regional Governments, is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the extension to create a sort of workshop for the joint redefinition of contents, methods, rules, procedures and management system.

With an official note (pdf 534 kb), the Ccm asked Regional Governments to present projects and timelines as regards the 2008 programmes. The attachments to the note also include indications for the drafting of projects and timelines (pdf 106 kb).

These are the main goals to be achieved:

  • Regional Governments are expected to complete, consolidate and realign programmes
  • the working groups (regional contacts, sub-committees and institutional partners) established by Ccm during the year 2008 are expected to redefine goals and assessment tools for the new Plan
  • the Ccm is expected to provide useful tools to improve and facilitate the process (refresher courses, website for the computerised management of projects and timelines).

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